smart solutions

What we do

Got a concept for a new web or mobile product or service? Synaptech is here to help make your concept a reality.

If you can imagine it we can deliver it to market quickly, effectively and affordably.

Your success is our success.

smart process

How we do it

Synaptech utilize the latest technologies and software development methodologies to deliver quality web and mobile solutions on time and on budget.

Projects start with upfront analysis to define features, schedule and budget. Features are introduced gradually in scheduled iterations minimizing project risk. As feedback is received additional features are introduced and the process repeats.

Clients can continue adding features to improve their product or they can stop at any time.

smart people

Who we are we

Synaptech is a US-based team of veteran technologists each with 5-20 years experience developing technology solutions for startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Team members are skilled in all aspects of web and mobile product development including design, programming, testing, deployment and support.